Virtual Life and it’s Impact on our Daily Life; An Appealing Story

Today, every one of us has come across different tools of social media through which we interact with the people as well as share the stuff related to our own or other's lives in one way or the other.

More or less, we are all attached to social media in some manner and we do use some of those many social media tools available on the Internet. Some of the famous and mostly used tools are those of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and many others.

If we use these tools wisely, we’ll observe as well as analyze a lot of lessons that we can learn from these social media apps.

For instance, let’s just consider an example of Facebook to learn a lesson today; Suppose there are two different people, both of whom use Facebook. They have added each other as friends as well. One of them is Mike and another one is Harry.

One day, Harry posted something on his account. Mike came across that post and felt that the particular post was degrading someone in some sense. So, he decided to comment on that post to express his opinion regarding that particular post. He wrote a big paragraph in which he was describing that the post was not good or just to be shared on Harry’s News Feed. Harry saw that comment and after some discussion in the reply section of Mike’s comment on that post, it was all summed up. Either Harry agreed to delete that post after realizing his mistake or he brought the discussion to an end by stating that everyone has their way of doing it. That discussion was just ended up somehow…

After three days, Harry updated his profile picture. Mike saw it in his News Feed and liked the picture as well as commented on it nicely (depending upon how close of a friendship they had) and continued scrolling down his News Feed afterward…

Now, consider an example exactly similar to this one, but not in virtual life, rather in real life this time. There are two different people. One of them is Ben who does the job of a Realtor while the other one is a bit poor and lives alone in his house. His name is Jake.

One day Ben was walking down the street and he saw Jake doing something unjust (maybe he was aloud to an old man, being reluctant to give extra ten cents to the shopkeeper for something that he’d bought, maybe he was throwing the wrapper of the chocolate on the street and not in the dustbin after eating it), even though what exactly he was doing, Ben found him doing something unjust.

So, he decided to advise Jake not to do, whatever he was doing, in the future because it was unjust. Now, if Jake agreed on acting upon Ben’s advice, then it was perfectly fine. But if he did not act upon the advice, rather just said that he agreed to what Ben said, but everyone has their way of doing it and summed up the discussion somehow. That might be a problem…

One day, a guy came to their town and was looking to buy an apartment to shift his family to that town. While he was roaming around in the streets, he came across Ben who was a real estate agent by profession. Ben said that he can help him buy an apartment for him and his family.

He showed him some apartments in his town which did not excite the buyer at all. At last, they came in front of a house which had a poster pasted on its main gate that read, “Available for Renters, Urgent!”. That house was owned by Jake where he lived alone. From the outside, the buyer liked the house and asked the Realtor to call the owner for letting them visit his house.

The Realtor instead of calling Jake out began to backbite him in front of the buyer (by either telling him that the owner of the house shouts at the people, or that he has issues related to paying money or that he throws garbage on the street. So he might shout on you and your family members, or have his house filled with garbage and litter everywhere, or he might torture you and your family every time you have to pay the rent).

In this way, he avoided the buyer to visit the house, although the buyer liked the exterior of the house. He showed him some other house and the buyer bought that house.

After a few days, there came news about Jake’s death. The news told that he had been seriously ill for the past few days. But, due to being poor as well as alone, he was unable to see the doctor. Thus, could not get treated on time and died. Furthermore, the news said that he had also pasted a poster on his main gate, on which there was written, “Available for Renters, Urgent!”

Now, If we analyze this story, we will come to know that Ben, the Realtor became the reason for Jake’s death because he avoided the buyer to buy Jake’s house by misleading him, just for the fact that he once saw Jake doing something unjust.

Well, this was just an example that showed that if we forget and move on after seeing someone sharing something irrelevant or unjust and don’t judge him for that single mistake of him. Why don’t we try to forgive and forget the real-life unjust scenarios and avoid being judgmental?

This was just a single lesson that I learned from social media today; we shouldn’t be judgmental in real life as well and avoid backbiting because at the end of the day we too are doing something unjust. Spread Peace, Love, and Awareness.

We can also learn a lot more lessons from our daily use of social media if we decide to use social media rationally and with a perspective of being impacted positively from today onwards. That was all!