Technology can be defined by anything that we use today, like, our cellular phones, computer systems, automobiles, machines, and a lot more. We use these tools that are linked with the word Technology, on our daily basis just because it has revolutionized our whole life and made us live in a global village.

Though the technology is also being used in those of industries and mechanical workshops for the production of all these things that we are all using in our daily lives, the Information Technology is something really catchy to be known about much.

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Impact on daily life:

Technology plays a significant role in influencing the daily lives of people altogether. It affects the way we think, speak, interact with each other, learn, and work. That’s the reason it has an impact on our daily lives as if it ultimately controls us.

Influence on society and how it controls us:

Some of the many impacts that Technology has on society are that it affects learning, teaching, dealing with the people, working, and the whole life.

That being said, Technology controls us in a sense for certain. Being exposed to it 24/7 and getting ourselves indulged in it altogether, impacts our whole life as well as the dealings in it. Comparing with people in the past, today we interact with people in a completely different way.

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Just for instance, in the past when technology was not there, people used to travel for hours and days and even months just to convey some News to someone. Today, the News can even be spread publicly through electronic and social media with just a single click.

The games that people used to play in the past are now being played on electronic devices such as smartphones and PCs. The people that we want to talk to, are just one call away and we can talk to them live through video calls today, that was something unimaginable in the past. In this way, Technology impacts as well as controls the daily lives of the people altogether.

Positive Impacts:

Technology has uncountable positive impacts of it.
One of them is on learning. It has enhanced the learning style and has brought it to a whole different level.
E-Learning witnesses it, as being a result of Technology. Learning has become more engaging and collaborative today. Online libraries are there to serve people 24/7. Whatever the course or the subject is, we can easily learn and study it today through the Internet.
People can read online books as well as listen to audiobooks while doing other stuff.

People can take exams and study while sitting at their homes easily through online learning systems. A famous online learning platform is that of the Online Learning and Management System, commonly known as LMS.

Thus, technology has made learning more effective and feasible apart from making it more fun.

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Another positive impact of Technology is that of Social Media. People who were to spend days and nights to meet their loved ones can today interact with them easily with the help of the Internet. People can interact with other people around the world as well through social media. Although Social Media has certain harmful aspects of it alongside, it is still considered the most viable and reliable source of communication today.

Every tool that we use today is somehow linked with Technology, be it our mobile phone, tablet, computer, microwave, automobile, or any electronic home appliance.

Negative Impacts:

No doubt, Technology impacts us in innumerable ways, it still has its negative impacts alongside. Let’s just have a quick overview of them;

As being said already, one of the blessings of technology that has its demerits alongside is that of Social Media.

Whether or not we believe, Social Media has its harms in parallel to its charms for certain.

Technology has led us to ease and comfort, but this comfort and ease is itself a negative side of Technology for being a cause of time wastage, depression, anxiety, and many other issues.

We are becoming more and more lethargic over time by overusing Technology. As it was well quoted that;

“ The Excess of everything is bad ”

There are a lot more negative impacts of Technology alongside its innumerable positives. More or less, the main reason for these negatives is that, either the Technology is being overused or misused. As it is obvious that the overuse and misuse of everything lead to the negatives of it.

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The future era:

In the future, Technology is indeed going to become the most powerful source of everything as well as the most powerful weapon.

As technological advancements have no bounds, they will either bring us bliss or ruin as a matter of fact.

Some of the interesting and innovative advancements of Technology are those of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Robotics and Automation, and Cyber Security.

These advancements in technology are going to transform the way of living and will shift it to some other level that was beyond imagination back in the past. And this is going to happen in the near future.

Another interesting insight about the future era is that we can check the viability of different jobs that we do today.
There is a website named, which predicts and tells us the future viability of a job in percentage. We can use this website to see, which jobs are going to be done by ROBOTS and AI in the near future. In this way, we can choose a job that will last long in the future as well which is quite fascinating and helpful.

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As a post-script, it can be summed up as everything has its positives and negatives. It depends on us how we use or deal with everything. If used properly, technology is no doubt a bliss for us.

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