How to write a Convincing Article: A Simple 3 Step Process

Looking for an All In One guide which you can adopt as your go-to method for writing engaging & unique articles? You’re all caught up!

Here’s a simple 3 step method that can enable you to write a convincing article from scratch. Follow these steps whenever you’re going to write an article that your audience finds engaging, convincing, unique & catchy.

Requirements before starting (The 3 Steps)

3 things you need before writing your article.

1. Crafting Basic Structure

2. Gathering Basic Info

3. Finding Relevant Stats or Researches

1. Crafting Basic Structure

Think about the topic to create a basic structure of the article in your mind. All you need to do is to craft the subheadings for that article in mind & start enlisting them down.

If you don’t know much about the topic or are unable to design an initial structure, you can search that topic on google & have a go-through of 1 or 2 relevant articles to activate your mind.

Avoid using the same subheadings of the article you found on google, rather you can craft your own ones.

However, if you want to use some of them, better is to reshape them in your own wording to avoid plagiarism. You can also open up 1 or 2 more articles aside to make your structure more unique & detailed.

The basic structure is not the finalized structure for your final product. It’s just a go-to format of the article for that topic so that you can easily start writing on it.

2. Gathering Basic Info

After crafting a basic writing structure of your article, what you need to do is that you need to search for that same topic on google to find out relevant articles.

Now that you’ve found out 3–5 relevant articles as your title suggests, open each one of them up in a separate tab on google.

Start reading each one of them one by one (not in-depth but with open eyes & mind at least). While you’re reading an article, pick up those lines which you feel should be added in your article & rephrase them. Each such line should be placed in your article as a bullet point after rephrasing it.

Make sure you insert each line under relevant subheadings to make it easy for you to expand that line & write more about it once you finish your research.

Now that you’ve gathered the required basic info to start writing, you’re ready to detail the subheadings & bullet points you’ve inserted.

Note that your research isn’t finished yet & these bullets points aren’t supposed to be the crux of your final write-up. You can also keep doing your research during writing as well.

It’s quite genuine & powerful to continue the research while writing under different subheadings by simply searching the same subheading on google & finding some more data to add to your article (in your wording).

This will help you avoid a shortage of words or information by simply expanding your article’s length as per your desire or requirement. Thus, you can easily meet your required word count with continual research during writing.

3. Finding Relevant Stats or Researches

To add a factor of credibility in your article, what you need to do is that finding some relevant statistics & researches to reference in your article with the help of hyperlinks or snapshots.

This is how you can do it easily & for free. Go to which is a worldwide used website to find stats on different topics. Although it’s a paid website that costs you a few bucks to use the complete version, you don’t necessarily need to go for its paid version.

What you’re supposed to do is, go to the website & search for your keyword to find stats. Some of the stats or free to view while some of them can be accessed after buying the subscription.

The interesting thing is that you can do this all for free. The free ones are already free so let’s just talk about the paid ones. The stats which can be fully viewed after buying the subscription have 2–3 concluding lines at the bottom. These are the lines that you can say are the results of that particular stat in which they’ve already put in the major context.

So for the paid ones, you can use their result (which is free to access) in your article as a reference to that particular stat.

For researches, you can go to Google Scholar which is a free platform of google for finding & publishing researches. It’s more like a separate Search Engine of google from where one can find credible researches published over there for free.

Now as research is a complete case study, you are not supposed to read it out from scratch. You just need to go to the bottom of the research where you can find the Results & Conclusions of that research.

You’ve to reference the result of that research in your article. Make sure you’ve attached hyperlinks behind each stat & research to reference them. This makes the article feel more unique & credible to the audience.

You don’t require more than 2 stats & 4–5 references in your article as it will look more like a research paper rather than an article itself. These numbers for stats & researches don’t comply that you’ve to follow them as mentioned. You can link even a single stat in the whole article as well.

This last step totally depends upon your article’s topic & what type of article you’re writing or what type of audience you want to target through your article. But, the more you provide references in your article the more it’ll be credible, unique & convincing to your audience.

This was a simple 3 step process that you need to follow to write a convincing article. I hope, you’ll make the most out of it to craft yours. Happy writing!

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