Astonishing Facts about SAMSUNG you never knew before

Ever wondered who would’ve built Dubai’s Burj Khalifa & Petronas Twin Towers in Malaysia?

The intro might not sound relevant to the title, right? Follow up to find out why is it so!

SAMSUNG, a company known as a huge mobile phone brand, is not only involved in the mobile phone manufacturing business. Rather it has such astonishing facts about it that are surely going to blow your mind.

But before going towards those facts, let’s have an Intro & short history about the SAMSUNG company:


SAMSUNG is a South Korean company started by Lee Byung-Chul in 1938 as a grocery business. At that time it only had 40 employees, but today more than 5 lac employees work at this company.
This number is still more than the number of employees at Google, Apple & Microsoft combined.

According to Forbes, SAMSUNG had generated a revenue of $305 billion in 2014 only. In the same year, Apple’s revenue was about $180 billion & Google had $68 billion.
This shows that SAMSUNG also generated more revenue back in 2014 than Google’s & Apple’s combined.

This is for the fact that SAMSUNG is involved in almost 80 different businesses today. However, we’ll talk about some major ones of them today.

A company having been started as a grocery business back in 1938 today has a contribution of almost 17% in Korea’s GDP alone.

So now, let’s dive into the facts about SAMSUNG that you might have never come across before:

Largest Chip Maker:

Since 1993, SAMSUNG has been the world’s largest memory chip producer. And the amazing thing is that Apple iPhones also contain SAMSUNG-made chips in them.
Its chips are also being used in many other digital mediums & home appliances as well.

Smartphone & TV Manufacturer:

As already known by every other person today, SAMSUNG had become the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer in 2011.

SAMSUNG has also been one of the largest TV manufacturers since 2006. Along with this, SAMSUNG also produces LCD panels & today almost 98% of the AMOLED display is made by SAMSUNG alone.

Burj Khalifa & Petronas Tower Constructor:

Yes, you’ve heard it right. Being into the construction & building business as well, SAMSUNG had also built the famous & tallest building in the world that is Dubai’s Burj Khalifa. Not only this but Malaysia’s Petronas Towers are also built by SAMSUNG.

Similarly, Everland which is Korea’s largest theme park is also designed & owned by SAMSUNG. Along with that, SAMSUNG also has its city known as SAMSUNG Digital City located in South Korea.

Ships, Tanks & Jet Engines Manufacturer:

SAMSUNG is also involved in the manufacturing of Cargo Ships, War Tanks, and Flying Jet Engines. One of the famous tanks made by SAMSUNG is K9 Thunder. Not only tanks, but SAMSUNG also makes weapons as well.
So a mobile phone brand is also prominent for its weapon technology today, sounds fascinating!

Other major Businesses:

Being into Research, Drones & Robots Production, Virtual Reality & 3D printing, SAMSUNG has witnessed that it has its roots in several other businesses as well which gives SAMSUNG the 8th highest global brand value.

Some other major industries & businesses of SAMSUNG include:

  • Engineering & Construction
  • Trading, Investment & Life Insurance
  • Electronics, Electromechanics & Heavy Industry
  • Digital Imaging
  • Petro & BP Chemicals
  • Securities, Venture Investment & Trust Management
  • Hotels, Resorts & Medical Centers
  • Economic Research & Welfare Foundation.

I hope, this article may have provided you sufficient knowledge or at least more than what you already had about SAMSUNG before.

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