5 Very Useful And Free Content Writing Tools Every Content Writer and Blogger Must Use

What every blogger has ever wished for is,

  • seeing his blog ranking on Google’s 1st page by standing out in search results
  • Getting high traffic from Google to enhance his blog audience.
  • Acquiring a higher audience retention rate on his blog through a well-crafted, engaging, and convincing write-up.

Imagine spending several hours to write an article or blog post and putting in a lot of effort to make it stand out in search results but it is never going to be ranked on Google’s 1st page.

On the other side, imagine a smart writer or a blogger who writes the same article in just a few hours with very little effort yet gets his one ranked. And that he does all of this by using free tools while writing his content.

Content writing and blogging had never been as easy as it is today. Whether you’re unable to figure out a content idea or struggling with making your article SEO friendly or spending hours to make it look engaging and captivating to the reader, it’s all possible with the help of some must-have tools that don’t cost a penny in the process.

Here’s a list of some key takeaways of these Free Content Writing and Blogging Tools:

  • Generate Blog Ideas
  • Craft Blog Topics
  • Create Captivating and SEO friendly Headlines
  • Generate Blog Intro
  • Correct, Edit, and Format your Article’s Text to make it stand out and feel like a native write-up
  • Optimize the article to make it SEO friendly

So let’s have a glance at these 7 highly effective and free content writing tools that every content writer and blogger must use while writing his piece.

HubSpot — Blog Topic Generator

The first and foremost thing to do before writing a blog post is to find a content idea or topic to write on.

HubSpot can be your go-to tool for this. All you need to do is going to Google & searching for HubSpot — Blog Topic Generator. On arriving at the landing page of the tool, write down your keyword to get 5 unique ideas to write on using your keyword, for free.

Now that you got someone to have your back, whenever you feel stuck in finding an idea or crafting a blog post title, HubSpot — Blog Topic Generator will serve as your best friend and will give you 5 amazing content ideas for free… obviously, best friends never charge.

Headline Analyzer

Now that you got an amazing idea to write a blog post on, you might need a catchy & appealing headline, right?

You might be thinking why do I need to have an enticing headline? I should better focus on the body text which is what matters the most in engaging the reader. Here’s the expert answer to this,

Remember, the first thing that an interviewer notices when a candidate steps into the room is his physical appearance and outlook. If that impresses the interviewer, he will proceed in interviewing him till the end. But if his appearance is dull and vague, why would the interviewer like to ask him all the questions that he had written down for his ideal candidate?

So is the case here. When a user searches for something on Google, the first thing that appears is a catchy title that catches his attention and entices him to click through the title. So you really don’t want to miss out on crafting an attractive headline that gets a click-through. Here’s your go-to tool for this…

Headline Analyzer by CoSchedule is a free tool that helps you generate an attractive and unique title for your blog post.

Go to this tool, insert your headline and click on Analyze Now. This tool will show you your headline’s score and its SEO score as well.

In this way, you can not only craft a captivating title but can also optimize your headline to make it SEO friendly which will enable your blog post to rank on Google.

While it shows you the score and characteristics of your headline, you can keep on modifying it to increase the headline as well as SEO score till you craft a fabulous headline.

As it’s time-consuming to go to the analyzer tool to generate a unique headline, you can also install its extension on your Chrome browser. Once you’ve downloaded the extension, now whenever you write a headline while writing a blog post, the headline analyzer tool will automatically pop up to help you generate the best one.

Go to chrome, install the extension and start generating killer headlines for your articles for free.


Worrying about what to start with after crafting a catchy headline? Chill out. Ink For All will do this for you without charging e penny (but gems)!

InkForAll is an AI-powered tool that does multiple jobs. One of them is generating a blog intro. All you need to do is going to Google and searching for InkForAll Blog Intro Generator. Insert your headline in the headline box and click on Create. It will generate several Blog Intros based on your blog title using AI. Pick the one you like and say Goodbye!

You can also fetch the lines from different intros showing up to craft a unique for your article as well.

However, InkForAll is not just limited to Blog Intros. This tool can do multiple functions like designing blog ideas, crafting blog outlines, generating catchy subjects, and whatnot.


Now that you’re all set to start writing enthusiastically, to keep up your enthusiasm, there must be a tool that can help you write like a native or an expert writer who does not do any mistakes while writing or… maybe does (of course every human does).

Hemingway is a free content writing tool that helps you write like an expert by highlighting your spelling, grammar, flow, and vocabulary mistakes while writing as well as suggesting alternatives to them. In this way, you can create a blog post that sounds remarkable and should stand out.

Grammarly is another tool that does the same job and is also available as a go-to extension for Chrome. However, Hemingway is a bit underrated as compared to Grammarly that’s why it is mostly preferred over by Grammarly. You can use any one of them.


Till this far, I assume you might have finished writing up your blog post with the tools that helped so far. Now that you’ve to publish your blog post, you want it to be SEO optimized so that it may rank on Google’s 1st page, right?

RankMath is an SEO tool that does a brilliant job in this regard. However, this tool is basically a plugin that can only be used after installing on WordPress and isn’t available outside.

It shows you the keyword density of your primary as well as secondary keywords in the form of points so that you can fix their proportion to score maximum points. Scoring maximum points assures you that the keyword density in your article is on point. As it does so much, here’s an image to explain it once and for all.

These were the 5 very useful and free content writing tools that you must avail and use as your go-to writing assistant tools whether you’re a content writer or a blogger.

Using these free tools in the right way (especially the last one) will surely make your article stand out in those millions of articles that are already published on Google. Happy writing!



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